Sarah Kennedy has transformed my relationship with food, and dramatically changed my life for the better. When I first sought her nutritional counseling, I suffered from chronic IBS-related pain, as well as debilitating fatigue. Sarah spent considerable time listening to my gut-related gripes and assessing my specific needs, and throughout that process she proved herself to be a kind, dedicated, and non-judgmental listener. Based on her thorough assessment of my symptoms, she recommended a few accomplishable changes that I could make to my diet. She never pushed me to make more changes than I felt capable of undertaking. Within a few days, I no longer suffered from fatigue. And within a few weeks, Sarah helped me to see that making better diet choices could largely eliminate my abdominal pain and bloating. Furthermore, she put me on a path toward long-term gut healing, and the simple steps she laid out for me will allow me to permanently stay focused on that path. I recommend Sarah wholeheartedly to anyone out there seeking a better relationship with their gut.
— Laura T.
Over the course of many months Sarah helped me to implement major changes to my diet which allowed me to feel better than I have in a very long time. These changes helped to relieve intense stomach pain, heal my gut, reboot my adrenals and alleviate many symptoms of Hashimoto’s. Sarah also evaluated my Thyroid levels and her recommendations greatly diminished my fatigue. Sarah is very professional and easy to work with. I highly recommend her services to anyone seeking to better their health and well-being. Thank you Sarah!
— Laura C.
I have had the enormous pleasure and privilege of taking Sarah Kennedy’s 5-week Holistic Nutrition course in addition to personal nutritional counseling sessions. Sarah’s ability to quickly hone in on my primary concerns and goals was impressive. She helped me to remain focused and grounded as I began to sort through all of the factors that could be contributing to my fatigue, menstrual migraines, crankiness, insomnia, anxiety, sugar cravings, and overall feeling of being “unbalanced.” Her extensive knowledge of holistic nutrition and her familiarity with a wide range of resources is astounding. She was able to cull useful websites, blogs, and other online resources that were specific to my health needs and interests. In a nutshell, Sarah has transformed my relationship with food and has deepened my understanding about the relationship between what I eat and how I feel and why. She provided me with personally tailored recipes using nutrient dense foods that have left my family and me feeling satisfied, healthy, and balanced. In addition, Sarah’s warm, supportive, and focused approach has been a source of deep inspiration as I navigate this new path towards balance and well-being.
— Alexandra E., LCSW
We are in the middle of a food revolution & Sarah is at the forefront, eager to help educate & inform the public about why what we put in our bodies
matters. She has a deep understanding of the connection between our health and the foods we eat. She has incredible resources and is
passionate and dedicated to helping people understand their food needs and what it means to eat for health and wellness. Sarah is equipped to
expertly educate on the foundations of nutrition and core concepts of healthful eating, dietary and lifestyle decisions.
— Dana J.
I am in my late 70s, active and a part time practicing psychiatrist. Over the course of several weeks Sarah did a thorough analysis of my dietary habits, current lifestyle and overall health with a particular emphasis on dietary issues: my addiction to sugars & processed convenience foods and inconsistent fluid intake. She skillfully addressed the psychological aspects of behavior modification in terms of making conscious food choices with an emphasis on eating organic foods and wild seafood. She explored my cardiovascular and lumbar-sacral inflammatory conditions and augmented her dietary and lifestyle recommendations with certain herbal supplements. She also addressed some musculoskeletal issues through the medium of yoga.

Most impressive was Sarah’s willingness to let me implement these changes at my own pace. I still have a long way to go, but I feel I am heading towards true health and a greater level of overall well-being. I give Sarah 5 stars!
— Anthony E., MD
I took Sarah’s 5 week Introduction to Holistic Nutrition course. She is super knowledgable and informative, yet makes sure the information she shares is palatable and manageable. I really appreciated her realistic approach to how we (the members of the class) can incorporate healthy eating into our family’s lives. The lectures were fantastic and packed full of relevant information. I feel so lucky to have taken Sarah’s class, and I’m confident anyone would feel the same.
— Bree L.