Why do I call myself a “holistic” nutrition consultant? Holistic simply means looking at the whole person. You are not a collection of unrelated symptoms or diagnoses that get treated separately. You are a dynamic system in which your brain, organs, hormones, vascular, muscular, skeletal, nervous and digestive systems communicate with and influence one another. Digestion can affect skin, mood, energy, immunity and more. Anxiety can cause digestive distress, fatigue and hormonal imbalances. Your diet, lifestyle, level of activity, relationships, and sleep quality affect your health. I look at all of these factors when I make my recommendations. 

I am passionate about nutrition and love working with and inspiring people who want to learn more about optimizing health. When working with clients one-on-one I see my role as teacher, coach, cheerleader and emotional safety net. As someone who lives with autoimmunity I have a unique understanding of the role that diet and lifestyle play in improving health, as well as the emotional challenges that go along with making changes in these areas. My job is to support you on your journey towards better health without judgement. I meet my clients where they are, suggesting incremental changes at a manageable pace. I will never ask you to take on more than you feel ready for. 

I want you to feel less alone on this journey, whether you are seeking to improve energy, cut your sugar/caffeine habit, or are struggling to manage a chronic illness. I know first hand how isolating it can be to make changes (even positive ones) when people around you may not always understand your motivation or commitment. Like a pair of health detectives, together we will investigate the underlying causes of your health challenges and create a sustainable plan for improved quality of life.

Because of my own personal health history I have a balanced perspective on the benefit of combining conventional medicine with nutrition and alternative healing approaches to effectively address your health concerns. I am happy to collaborate with your other providers when it makes sense to do so.